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Children’s bedrooms: From Toddler to Big-Kid Bed

We’ve been dragging our heels when it comes to transitioning Skyler from a toddler bed to a twin, but I think it may be time. She piles in the stuffed friends and the pillows and, well, it’s getting a little crowded in there.

The simple Ikea Sniglar crib has served us well. You can see what it looked like as an infant crib in this home tour, and what it looked like before we converted it to the toddler bed in this home tour.

This is her current set up…

Environmental association

We want to make recycling fun and mainstream. Environmental friendly behavior must become a part of our lives like brushing our teeth.

The rich, the poor, the workers, the CEOs all have different challenges to master. Integrating Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is possible and mandatory for all walks of life!

Take a tour and get inspired. Find quick life-hacks, on how you can make the world a better place: one avoided piece of packaging, one reused gadget and one recycled soda can at a time!
Read more about EarthSquad on Recycling community

Bathroom renovations

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This is Mexico City!

It has been a few years since we all traveled to Mexico City, but we are still talking about it! It remains one of my favorite destinations and I can’t wait to go back. I recall, at the time, that it was challenging to find many guidebooks—we cobbled together an itinerary using magazine articles and a few blog posts.

Around that same time, I started following Abby Clawson Low’s move to Mexico City on Instagram, wishing I’d had all of the geotags when we were doing our planning. I could only have dreamed of actually having all of her suggestions in a published book as our guide—which is exactly what we will be using on our next visit!

Her This is Mexico City has just been released—a visual and descriptive guide with an emphasis on design, art, architecture, and culture, showcasing the best museums (both traditional and off-the-beaten-path), old-school mercados, public art, locals’ favorite restaurants, and more.

I asked Abby if she would share the inspiration for writing This is Mexico City, along with some of the questions would-be travelers ask her most often…

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The Last Weekend (& Friday Links)

It’s the last weekend before the midterm elections! And it’s time to make sure everyone is getting out to vote! If you’re interested in volunteering or doing any canvassing, Swing Left has a host of videos for effective conversations and The Last Weekend can point you to a place where help is needed locally.

I feel like I’m having some post-traumatic nerves after the last election, but I’m really hoping we will be moving forward with some good news after Tuesday.

Some links of note…

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